Traverse City High School Career Fair- February 15, 2017

Traverse City High School is holding a Career Day! The event is on Wednesday, February 15 from 12:45 until about 3 pm. We are looking for about 40 professionals to come in and talk to small groups of students for about 5 minutes per group. Each professional should see between eight and ten groups. We do have some suggested fields we are trying to fill (construction, health, tech, manual labor, marketing, and child care), targeting entry level positions! If you are a local employer willing to meet and train our area’s youth please let me know!

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Collaboration is the key!



I love when good people collaborate in a positive way to help others! Stefee Roberts, a good tennis friend of mind suggested we try and recycle the MANY tennis ball cans that are generated at the Grand Traverse Resort! Resort pro, Bob Cawood started saving them for us and Betsy Rudolph , the Youth pastor at First Congregational Church and her team of young volunteers will soon be filling these cans with personal toiletries , and socks for our local homeless population. These cans are just the right size to fit into a backpack and are very durable! Collaboration is the key!


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